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You name it, Dubai has achieved it.

The number of mega projects in Dubai is too long to list so here is a few that spring to mind – Palm Jumeriah, Dubai Metro, Burj Khalifa – The tallest tower in the world, Dubai Airport Terminal 3, Dubai Marina…

In terms of living & working in Dubai, the region has not been adverse to the recent economic crisis, however, there is still strong signs of recovery and construction work is once again picking up speed and major projects in infrastructure, transportation, power, water and marine works.  Recently Dubai was awarded the World Expo 2020 and this has immediately had a positive impact on the region.

For the right people, with the right attitude and experience the opportunities are aplenty in this popular destination.

The cost of living generally in Dubai has improved, rents are on the increase again slightly, typically the cost of running a vehicle is cheap, eating & drinking out can be either expensive or inexpensive dependent upon where you go.

Year round sunshine coupled with an exciting & multicultural environment make Dubai one of the world`s leading city’s to live & work.