Vacancy Overview


Stakeholder Manager responsible for this iconic & sustainable 4 Year  infrastructure project.  1st in The World to use Structural Timber & environmental products for this 1km Bridge across a vast lake . Be part of an exciting management team to project to deliver  this project for the Norwegian Public .

Not only is this Bridge complex it has an 11km 4 Lane Motorway with various bridges , tunnels and culverts .

You will have key stakeholder experience which will be demonstrated in your career thus far . Reporting directly to the Project Manager , he or she will lead , manage and handle all communications with Non Employer Organization’s or Individuals.

This person must have clear experience of Stakeholder Engagement , Strategy , Integration Plan , Progress (through monthly reports, photos, web-cams, and newsletters)

  • Be in charge of and manage along with designers and the rest of the team the Project Permits processes, establishment, changes, and compliance.
  • Assist the Designer and represent the Contractor in defining the process for managing and engaging with external stakeholders and approval authorities such as the Municipality, Fire Authorities and others.
  • Define a strategy for engaging neighbors, hospital staff, visitors and general public with respect to Integrated Interaction Phase and any Construction activities impacting or perceived to impact them such as traffic, noise, vibration, dust.

Desired Skill Set 

  • Highly Organized
  • Posses Strong Communications skills
  • Be seen as highly approachable


CRITICAL Requirements 

  • The successful candidate will be based in Norway now
  • Engineering Degree
  • Have experience of Norwegian Transport Authority as a client
  • Have you worked for a Contractor on a similar project ?
  • Fluent in English & Norwegian
  • Able to supply references during recruitment process

Please send a CV in word format (English language) with full contact details for review to :